Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Abby!!

Abby turns 7 years old today!
On her birthday I always think back to the crazy night she was born. The short version of the story is that she came 2 weeks early. Nate had left that very morning for a week long trip to Atlanta. I went into labor on the evening of the 9th, called my mom, she took me to the hospital, was admitted around midnight, called Nate at 1:00am (3:00am his time) to let him know that I was in the hospital and we were having a baby! While on the phone the doctor came in so I told Nate I would call him back. When I called him back 10 mins later I was holding a little 6lb 8oz Abigail Sara Arnesen. Nate caught the first flight home and was at the hospital by 10am. It's such a fun story to share with Abby. She loves it!

She had a friend party last weekend. We had a rockwall climbing party at the city recreation center.
Here's the birthday girl on the wall and then all her cute little friends that came to the party.

Here's her cake that ended up looking like a big pink donut.

Here are some of my favorite things about Abby.
1. She is my best eater. She will try anything and likes most things.
2. She is a great reader and she enjoys reading. (Wish I had a little of that in me!)
3. She is just like her Aunt Sara. She hates getting her hair brushed, she is very smart, and she loves to have her arms scratched (lightly). It's exactly what I hoped for when I named her after my favorite sister!
4. Abby is so creative and has LOVED spending time with her Dad creating things lately.
5. Abby makes a bed for Ferby (our dog) on her bed each night. It's cute to see them asleep together.
6. Abby is a perfectionist (again like Aunt Sara). I'm very impressed by her desire and determination to get things right.
7. She's my little buddy and even when she's driving me a little crazy I still thank my lucky stars that she's mine. (Well, not while she's driving me crazy!)
Happy Birthday Abby!!