Friday, June 22, 2012


Lauren will be 4 in a couple of weeks! I cannot believe my baby will be 4!

Last night was her first night in her entire 4 years of sleeping without her binkis. Yes that is plural.

These are her most prized possessions. She affectionately calls them by their colors. This set is called white, pink, pink. Did I mention she loves them?

If ever she is not cooperating with me a conversation like this happens:
Me: Lauren, do you want to keep your binkis?
Lauren: YES
Me: Then you need to help Mama.
Lauren: OK

It's been the best bribery ever! But sadly that era has ended and honestly I am probably more sad about it than she is.

Actually she has done great without them. She understood when I said they were gone and hasn't asked for them since. It is strange to send her to bed without them but seriously, she is almost 4, it's about time!

I'll just have to find another thing she loves enough to make her listen to me! Wish me luck!!

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